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Office computers slow? Refer us and receive a sign-on bonus!

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If you work for an office you know how computers often have issues. If your I.T. company isn’t cutting it, refer us and receive a referral bonus if your company signs on. We keep your information confidential at all times.

We specialize in security, tech support, server management as well as web design, marketing, SEO and LOTS of other tech services! You won’t be disappointed. Contact us today!

Latest Ransomware goes global

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Cyberattack Hits Ukraine Then Spreads Internationally

Dual Monitors

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We get asked quite often if its worth going with two or more monitors on a users computer. The answer is almost always YES!


Having more than one monitor allows you to see one program in one screen and another in the other monitor. This can help you work more quickly and efficiently. Some modern computers are already capable of hooking two monitors up but some PCs require the installation of another video card.

Once you get two monitors, you’ll never want to go back to just one!

Do you need a Cloud server?

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This is a common question with clients. There are many factors to determining if the cloud is the right solution for you.
Let our team of network and server specialists analyze your systems and needs and find the right, cost-effective solution.

Schedule a free and confidential consultation today! Call us 954-DATA (3282)

Did you get your backup alert??

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Someone in your company should get an email or text notification alerting you if your backup completed successfully or not. This is one of the most vital aspects of I.T. in a business.

If you are not getting alerts, call us and we will set up a system to suite your needs!

Ransomeware ‘Locky’ Virus

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We got a call from a company yesterday who was hit by a ransomeware virus, it encrypts all of your important files and then requires you to pay money to get them back. We were able to help them restore all of their data.
Remember to NEVER open an attachment from someone you don’t know, especially a zip file or word document!
Call us with any issues 954-DATA (941-954-3282)